About us.

Gridless Gurus is all about helping you go off the grid. Whether you want to save money (in the long run), reduce your own energy independence, or perhaps you just want to reduce your contribution to climate change – we’ve got everything you need to get started.

So, how to do you go off the grid? The primary way of doing so is via renewable energy sources.That might be solar power, wind, or any combination of sources.

Why renewables? Because once you have your system in place, there’s no need for drilling, mining, or any other labor-intensive activity that the average couldn’t handle if they wanted to.

All of your energy is generated right on-site, making it much easier to go off the grid. You may decide to have a backup system in place that uses fossil fuels, but since it’s only a backup, it wouldn’t have to be replenished regularly.

Are you ready to go off the grid? If so, come along with us for the journey – we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

With clean electricity, we can do more than light our homes and power our grid. We’ll unlock a source of carbon-free energy to help power the sectors of the economy that produce the other 75 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, including transportation, buildings, and manufacturing.

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